The Trip of a Lifetime…

Pawhuska OK!

When I think of a trip of a lifetime, I think of Europe, for sure a trip from Scotland to Italy and everything in between! However, that is not the trip we have planned for the latter half of May. This spring, we are going to the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma, Pawhuska in Osage county. And we cannot wait!

Why Pawhuska? What could possibly be reason for such a trip? The Pioneer Woman of course! Some people may think we are crazy to drive some 1,500 miles to the middle of no where to visit a place where we have little to no chance of meeting the one person that has given us a reason to visit, but we are kinda crazy like that. Ree Drummond is the owner of The Pioneer Woman name and has created for herself an industry all in itself. Within the the town of Pawhuska, she has opened two places to eat and a hotel that brings visitors to the little town in droves. The first place she opened is the Mercantile, most people just call the Merc, which is a restaurant, coffee house, and store for all things Pioneer Woman merchandise. I have to stop telling people I am going there because now I am up to 3 people who have asked me to shop there for them. I look forward to FULL reports of all things Merc when we get home from our trip. She has also recently opened a new pizza house in town called P-Town. Hubs is convinced his middle name is pizza, so this will be the perfect stop for him. There is also a hotel, The Boarding House, that we are trying our best to get a booking for, however, the Boarding House has been booked solid with minimal openings sense they opened middle of last year. Prayers there is an opening during our trip dates! We do have reservations for The Frontier across the street from the Merc just in case. We will also be doing a tour of her studio at the Lodge where Ree films her food show that can be seen on The Food Network.

Stay tuned as we gear up for our trip and FOR SURE after our trip. I will be sharing all things food and all things The Pioneer Woman right here! ❤

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