Dinner TONIGHT! <3

OH my goodness! Dinner tonight is the families new favorite! But before I talk TOO much about it, lets go over how exciting my days are!

I start off my day with an alarm that goes off at 8:54AM, don’t judge! I use to work the opening shift at a not so local Starbucks requiring my alarm to go off at 3:30Am, I paid my dues, I’m done with EARLY MORNINGS! I go to the kitchen and turn on my water kettle to heat up for my tea. A local lady from London turned me on to tea and I must say I enjoy saving money not hitting Starbucks everyday! The goal is to be sitting on the couch with my tea by 9:30AM for my morning food show, The Pioneer Woman. After my first show and my tea, then my homeschool son can ask for my attention for school work. After my Ree Drummond show and after school work, I take a look at any shows I might have missed through the week or past weekend. In doing so, I sit there with my table ready to hit PRINT on any recipe I see that I think I might love to make for my family. One day I came across a delightful Italian dish on “Giada at Home” with Giada De Laurentis.

Photo Credit – Dan Edwards

This is Giada’s recipe for Baked Rigatoni with Bechamel Sauce which can be found on Food Networks website/app. To say this dish is delicious is an understatement. My son, Junior, who is 13, makes a request for this dish once a week sense we started making it a few months back. He is a mac n cheese fanatic! But he is also a mac n cheese snob. What is a mac n cheese snob? Someone who loves anything mac with cheese but refuses to eat mac n cheese from a box. We have done such a good job at making the dish from scratch, he will turn his nose up at anything not from scratch. One would call this “spoiled” but I don’t. I think it’s safe to say that my son has developed a refined palate and I am happy to admit that. Hubs also loves this dish so much that he has not yet tried to put a STOP to Juniors frequent request for this dish. I would venture to say we will be making this dish right up to June/July! (We don’t cook anything in our oven during the summer time, I am sure you can figure out why.)

Photo Credit – Dan Edwards

Now, I will have to admit, the food looks amazing on its own! But I think it’s safe to say that it looks even more beautiful on the very colorful dishes! The baking dish is from the 2 piece set, Fiona Floral, from the Pioneer Woman collection, purchased at Walmart. Yep, I said Walmart! I am so happy to shop there if the product is simply this beautiful! The plate is from the Rose Shadow pattern, also only found at Walmart from the Pioneer Woman. I acquired both on line and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

If you enjoy cooking at home and you are totally into the starch driven dish of mac n cheese, I highly recommend looking this up and making it for yourself! YUM is the best word to describe this one! ❤

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