15 Years…

And still going strong! Hubs and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary today! ❤

15 Year Anniversary!

Wanna know a secret? We have been married longer than 15 years! It was 15 years ago today, we stood up in front of our home church and did that whole “I Do” thing but the truth is, we were already married! About 6 weeks before our wedding day, I had stuff I needed to deal with an that whole deal with and they were SO much easier to deal with if I was living in a 4 bedroom house with three kiddos instead of a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate! So, one Sunday after church, we got married in a private ceremony in the pastors office. My mama didn’t even know! She did remark on our wedding day how calm I was! I almost told her then, but I didn’t! When all is said at the end of the day, we celebrate BOTH days each year because we can.

So, how do we do it? Stay happy for 15 years?!?!?! Through the grace of God and by marring your best friend! The truth is, I always LOVE my man! But the true secret is, I still really like him too! ❤ Happy Day to y’all!

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