When in Rome…

OK, I am not in Rome! But I am in Baltimore, Maryland! When in Baltimore, you do not go to a box store establishment! You go to a place that exist ONLY in that place! So tonight I went to Lee’s Pint & Shell.

Lee’s Pint & Shell, Baltimore MD.

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure I would have found this place on my own. The establishment is owned by the brother of my brother-in-law. So, a brother of a brother? I’m thinking to myself, how cool. For starters, the only booze I have had here in Maryland has been from a liquor store, because you cannot even get a bottle of wine at the local store, all sold in skuzzys locations dotted throughout the city. This was my first margarita in the city!

Margarita Opp!

I never turn down a margarita opp! Turned out great! What I love most about these margaritas here, they were fresh! Not only was it fresh but the lime wedge was too! (kinda rare for a lot of San Diego bars! No brown ridge at all. LOVE IT!

Oysters, which I didn’t eat!

My sister ordered these, I wouldn’t even try them. She offered.

Double Burger

This would be the double burger! YUM! The burger with only one patty also has a crab cake on it which sounds yummy! But decided to stick with the beef. Man was this burger tasty! The char on the meat was spot on! MONEY! NO! The fries were not over cooked! Just seasoned and yummy! Now just about any place you go, you can get a burger, but you will be hard pressed to find a burger this tasty.

Thank you for sticking around with me on my travels! Bon Apatite.

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