Still Hanging Out…

In Baltimore. I have a list of places I want to eat while here. The list has been created while watching The Food Network and The Cooking Channel. “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and “Triple D” have given me a list about a mile long! One places has been on both so I knew I had to go! Chaps Pit Beef. The establishment was also featured on “Man Vs Food” but I haven’t seen that episode.

The first thing I noticed about Chaps was that at 2pm, there was a line out the door. This was a little challenging as the door has a voice that tells you to keep the door closed. The lady behind me was holding the darn door open and everyone was looking at ME asking me to shut the door. Well, the rude lady behind me said that she would if we would all move further in! With that line lady? I much prefer to maintain within a personal bubble! Anyway! I was not there to call out a rude person, I was there to EAT! And eat I did!!! Before you look at the amount of food, keep in mind, I was sharing with my sister! 😀

Beef Sandwich

The choice of sandwich was the beef sandwich. This was listed as Guy’s favorite menu item and how can you go wrong with straight up beef! I was impressed that they asked me on doneness! This was their medium cut. It was flawless! We also ordered a side of burnt ends, which is seen to the right of the sammy! Man oh man! These burnt ends were not cluttered with flavors of seasoning. They were flavored with CHAR! Good ole fashioned pit cooked char! My taste buds danced with joy! We also ordered their cheese fries. When I order cheese fries, I never know what I will be getting. Cheddar or squirt cheese (thats what we call nacho cheese!). It was the squirt cheese! MAN OH MAN! That’s exactly what I was hoping for! I took one look at the burnt ends and the cheese fries and though how perfect would it be if they were together?!?!?! IN ONE! So, we made that happen!

Cheese Fries with Burnt Ends

Do I have to even mention that this bite was made perfect with the addition of their sweet BBQ sauce? And let me tell you, we tried all the sauces with this! Chaps offers a white/horseradish sauce, hickory sauce, a hot BBQ sauce, and the sweet BBQ sauce. I flavored the sweet BBQ sauce out of the 4 we tried. So far, in all of my Baltimore travels this week, my favorite spot was Chaps Pit Beef! Hands down, can I get an AMEN?!?!?!

Today, If I can get to Fells Point, I will be trying some crab cakes! I am hoping for another home run!!! Eating good in the neighborhood!

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