Cinco de Mayo!

A day late, yes, but happy Cinco de Mayo! We had a great day, of course! Because we made the holiday happen in our kitchen! Yes, it is always nice to go out to celebrate, but hey, I just got home from my family visit, so I wanted to stay in.

Margarita with chips and tomatillo avocado

Staying in started with a margarita! This delightful blue concoction started off with agave syrup! Saw this gem being made on “The Kitchen” on Food Network. GZ did not disappoint on this one! Along with the agave, I added fresh lime, tequila, and orange liqueur. In this case, I had on hand Blue curaçao, which is obviously responsible for the electric blue color! When it comes to the snack, the only thing store bought was the chips. The salsa was made from scratch! A beautiful tomatillo green salsa required for the enchiladas pictured below. This time, we decided to add the tomatillo salsa to the avocado instead of making the basic guac. This did not disappoint and for the first time ever, Junior enjoyed avocados! WIN, WIN!

Enchilada Suiza

Due to Junior having a birthday two days ago, I let him pick his favorite enchilada dish for the holiday/birthday dinner. If he has a choice, he aways says the green sauce one! Of course I had to make the enchiladas in my favorite baking dish made my Red Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. It helps a great deal that the dish has its own festive flair for the Mexican holiday. The whole night was simply picture perfect! These chicken enchilada suiza will remain on our must have family dinner list.

Long story short, I know that Cinco de Mayo is more of an American holiday we like to give Mexico the credit for. From what I understand, Mexico really doesn’t celebrate the holiday, but I will take any excuse I can get for such a delightful dinner! Once which we will repeat in a week or so! I guess it’s just the best excuse for me to make a new margarita at home, because I only get them out and about anymore! Please, enjoy! I know we did! ❤

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