Home Sweet Home…

But I missed SO much on my long yet short trip. Baltimore Maryland has so much to offer! Lots of great and even some not so great. I’ve already posted about my favorite place to eat while in Baltimore, Chaps Pit Beef, feel free to look under food and you will find it! Now its time to check out some sites that I “almost” got to see, mostly in passing! Next visit, I will have to do more tourist stuff! (Spent more time with my mom in the hospital than I did site seeing.)

212 E Biddle St.

Anyone know who use to live here? The Dutches of Windsor LONG before she was a Dutches. Who was the Dutches of Windsor? Wallis Simpson. She lived at this Baltimore row home during the teenage years of her life long before she met the King of England, Edward VIII. Once they met and fell in love, he wanted to marry Wallis! But the english parliament and everyone around the king said no! So he did what every reasonable thinking king would do, he abdicated his throne! He chose love over duty. If not for making that choice, we might have had a whole different looking monarchy in England. Chances are, we would still have Queen Elizabeth II, I am quite done with the speculation! Any desire to live in this historic home in Baltimore? It is currently open to rent!

Church for Sale!

This was a very common site in Baltimore! Very old stone churches! Some, like this one, for sale. If I had the capital to buy a building as beautiful as this, I would buy it in a heart beat. Alas, I do not! But I felt it was interesting enough to snap a shot!

St. Ritta’s Parish Hall

This church also had a for sale sign on it. However, I talked to some people who attend this church and they said the main building is not for sale. Just some of the outer buildings. If I bought this church, I would make it into a margarita bar! But again, no funding, no bar!

Johns Hopkins Hospital

This is where I spent most of my time while in Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Hospital. On this particular day…

Weather Warning!

This came through on my watch. And phone. And again on my watch and phone via other apps! I am a California girl! Not sure I do well with tornado watches! Not like it was time for a party or anything! Nothing happened, just some rain, but it was enough to keep my eyes peeled for any weather action! Thats just about it! I wish I could have seen more. In the near future I will be returning for tourist stuff! My son is a homeschool kiddo and we will be doing our DC trip soon! So hopefully more tourist stuff then. I will be taking him to all sorts of sites between Baltimore, and DC! ❤

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