From the Beginning…

La Jolla Shores

I didn’t always have my sites on being a photographer. Hubs loved exploring photography as a hobbyist while I watched him play around with new gear. I thought it would be fun, I had an interest as a kid, but never though much past that. Then one day hubs wanted to upgrade his equipment. He gave me the choice, I try my hand at photography or he would sell the old camera upon buying a new one. I decided to give it all a go!

For my first try, we took the cameras to Coranado. I saw some long exposures some places with lights and all and I though I would love to get it a try. Tripods in hand, we went to Coranado! When we got home, we shared each others images and man, his were awesome! Mine sucked! I convinced him, somehow, I needed his amazing upgraded camera so he had to go shopping for a new one! Oh, the power of a wife! ❤ He went along with it and soon we were back on Coranado island giving it all another go. This time? I had the GOOD camera that was giving hubs all the amazing images! Once again, we head home to share what we captured! And once again, I was disappointed at what I had captured. Meanwhile, his images only got better. That was the day I realized, it was not the camera, it was the person holding it!

Such a revelation! If I wanted to continue with photography, as a hobbyist or as a novice, I required to figure a thing or two out! At the end of the day, I learned a LOT from hubs and from Flickr, CuteAsABugOnARug). I would find images that I wanted to emulate and then I would view the exif data! Then, I would go out shooting! Time to hit the beach with my new data! The beach by far was my favorite spot for long exposures. La Jolla was my favorite spot for sure! January 1st, 2010, I started a 265 project mostly focusing on long exposures! I learned more that year than any other year when it comes to photography!

ANYWAY! Enjoy! ❤

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