Pawhuska or Bust…

Day One!

Day one of our trip to Pawhuska Oklahoma! So far, a fun time had by all. It took us no time at all to roll through Yuma, AZ. The only tough part of the trip so far was NOT being able to stop at the Cracker Barrel there, as I’ve never been through Yuma without stopping there. However, we did stop at the Yuma Proving Grounds for the Army. They have a delightful open air museum with tanks and missiles. As you can tell by my hair, it was quite windy!

I decided to try to be funny, looks, I’m being ran over by a tank! πŸ˜‚

Even though I missed the Cracker Barrel in Yuma, we had our sites set for the Barrel in Prescott AZ. We had the honor of meeting some good friend who use to live close to us. Now they live on Prescott! πŸ™‚

My favorite dinner at the Barrel, chicken and dumplings. Of course with my two favorite veggies, Mac n cheese and extra dumplings!

We finally were able to settle in at the hotel. We picked this place not knowing what kind of rather to expect. The indoor pool and spa seals the deal with weather in mind! Of course, we though the elephant and frog were simply too cute for words. Perhaps one of the nicest pools we have been to!

All in all, it was a fabulous first day of travel but we have lots of miles ahead of us before we get to the main attraction, Pawhuska, OK! Keep following for more photos and more excitement along the way!

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