San Diego to Pawhuska…

Day Two!

So far, such a great trip! Day two brought us to Jerome and Sedona in Arizona.

Jerome was by far one of the most unique stops I have ever been to. One moment you are on a curvy mountain road and the next minute you are in a little town on a steep hillside. Almost felt like a hill side community you see on the travel channel in Italy! While there, we took a break to stretch out our legs at the Jerome Grand Hotel and Asylum. It was built in 1926 and opened January of 1927. The hospital closed down in 1950, but only after more than 9,000 deaths in its record books. This place is recognized as being haunted. In 1994, it was purchased and made into the Jerome Grand Hotel. Would you stay in this hotel? Not sure I would!

Just down the road from the Jerome Hotel was this beautiful church, worth a stop and a photo! I found it quite beautiful. As you can see in the photo, the roads were on quite the slope!

Moving onward we also passed through Sedona. Built directly into the hill is this actually chapel. Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Catholic Church that is perhaps the most stunning site of our entire trip so far. The chapel is open to the public and even has a delightful gift shop down stars. The view on the inside is just as stunning and breathtaking as the outside is.

My brother-in-law is the one who suggested both Jerome and this chapel. He was spot on to what we would like to see on our adventure!

Now that we are moving forward to day three, there should be a lull in activity, but day four will bring us into our main destination, Pawhuska, OK!

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