So close, yet so far!

Day three today! Texas!

It was suppose to be a very uneventful day of travel! However, the I40 had different plans for us.

We did eventually make it to Texas, but only after an hour of stand still traffic 2 miles into Texas. We ended up driving through the median grass center of the freeway and backtracked at least 20 miles back into New Mexico to find an alternate route.

The orange route is what we ended up taking, which lead us through some pretty interesting and beautiful farming country. Lots of old and falling apart barns as well as a few old homesteads no longer habitable. We really wanted to get to our hotel as soon as we could so we did not stop to snap some photos. It really did feel like a time warp though!

This was the BBQ pulled pork burger, wow! Hit the spot!

We did miss happy hour due to the delay! That was a bit upsetting. But our hotel had a wonderful bar and the best bartender to help us out! There is also a time difference between San Diego and Texas. So, our 9PM dinner didn’t feel so late at all. But it did push us for time as we did want to hit the indoor pool and spa before it closed at 11! For anyone visiting the Amarillo TX area, I highly recommend the Embassy suites there! It’s brand new and beautiful with awesome margaritas to boot.

Tomorrow? Off to Pawhuska!!!

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