Something about…

There is something about this tacky cactus glass for margaritas! Just safe to say that when you go to a mexican place that is beer and wine only, you just might be able to get this as well!!!

Margarita in tacky glass

When hubs told me that El Sombrero Restaurant in Gallup New Mexico was beer and wine only, I was sad. Y’all know me by now, I love a good margarita! And even though this was not the best margarita ever, it was such a treat to see on the menu! Long story short, there is a way to make tequila with agave without going to the 40% APV we see in a normal bar. There is such thing as agave that is 20% APV that can be used in a beer and wine only establishment! I opened the menu and saw margarita right away! Only $6 too! Thats almost a happy hour price, lol.

At the end of the day, I was simply happy to see the tacky cactus glass! Beats drinking water! For those beer/wine drinkers, sorry, not an option! I hate beer and wine is full of histamines that make me sick! Literally! I stay away from grape anything at all cost, even food cooked in wine! I like breathing. I don’t like beer but I do like hard cider beverages. I would LOVE to see beer and wine places add cider beverages on their menu!

Thats it for now! Just embracing the tacky cactus glass!!! The food? Was great too! But I didn’t take a photo, so enjoy the cactus glass for now. Hubs will blog about the food at one point! Keep an eye out! Food Observations!

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