This is serious guys! I am ready to offer up a confession!

Chicken Enchilada Suizas

This amazing and delicious dish was created by someone else! I made it! And it’s in my beautiful dish I purchased at Walmart made by Red Drummond, the Pioneer Woman! But the recipe is not my own. Never has be and never will be. I even make a killer mac-n-cheese and I do not use a recipe. I make it based off of memory from someone else’s recipe. I do not cook free from a cookbook or a recipe card/print out!

Just 2 minutes ago, I printed a recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s website! I am going to make these Al Pastor tacos soon! Looks divine! Can I make this up on my own? HELL NO! I cannot and I won’t. When I follow a recipe, it’s hit or miss to began with, let alone making it all from the tip of my brain! Perhaps with more time behind the stove, I will be able to figure out a thing or two, but when I fire up my Instant Pot, I still call Hubs to ask how long for cook time and how long for natural release. It’s who I am, and I know exactly who I am!

It’s the same for music. I can play the trumpet and I can even pick out a tune or two on the piano, but only when I have the music in front of me. Hubs, however, can play something after hearing it. He can look at a page with lyrics on it, and just a cord above a word and know what notes to play. I require the actual note, or two! OR ALL! I have no doubt I am not the only one who knows what I am talking about!

Please tell me I am NOT the only one?!?!?! Please tell me it’s OK! Meantime, you will find me on my “Food Network” app downloading and printing to my hearts content!

Perhaps I require a “confessions” section to my blog! ❤ But I want to stay true to me, and I do not want to mimic those who I follow. 🙂

PS, photo above is Enchiladas Suizas by Chef Marcela Valladolid on the Kitchen on the Food Network. My sons first pick for enchiladas!

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