It’s TIME…

It’s time to talk more about Pawhuska, OK! Day 5 of travel dropped us off at the Frontier Hotel, in the hart of Pawhuska, OK.

The Triangle Building: Pawhuska OK.

Regardless of destination, this place had a level of “stunning” all on its own! I am SO glad that the Pioneer Woman has created a new spark in this little town. Now, In the San Diego area, I live in a small town! People know people and everyone went to school together! But Pawhuska, OK. gives a whole new meaning to small town! DON’T BLINK! You will miss this place! (Not a Doctor Who reference!) Right across the street from the Mercantile, owned by Red Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, is the Triangle Building. Originally a place for offices for different business, now a hotel, one of the most amazing places we have ever stayed at. I say one of, stay tuned for once place every so slightly better!

View from our room at the Frontier!

Yes, we were that close to the Merc! Just across the street. We lucked out with parking! 2 hour max before 6:30pm and we got there around 4:30, we simply had to move our car before 10 am. Parking is at a premium in this small one horse town.

First thing we did upon arriving? RELAX! Well, thats what kiddo and hubs did. I made my way across the street to the second floor which is where the bakery/coffee house is. I made quick work and penned out a letter to Lady Red Drummond herself! I added in a gift, but have not heard anything. One can hope the staff at her hotel made sure she received an original print of mine. They were all so friendly, I have no doubt she received it or will soon. ❤

Paint on the Prairie at the Merc

On Thursday nights, there is a “Paint on the Prairie” at the Merc. Super awesome and if you like to drink special beverages, it gets even better! They even said, “If you don’t like your painting, drink more!” Great advice because mine got better with more drinking for sure. Now, lets say you were not lucky enough to be there on a Thursday night, thats OK! Tuesday night they do a cookie baking class! I almost changed our travel dates over that, but didn’t! Because the Lodge isn’t usually open on Tuesdays. Next time we are there, it will be a Tuesday!

Once paint night was over, it was time to relax at our hotel! The Frontier!

The Pioneer Room at the Frontier
Butler Kitchenette
The Frontier

Our room had two walls of windows. It was VERY comfortable and very beautiful! I guess if I had a complaint, it would be that the couch was not facing the TV. My son simply watched from the sofa bed, head at the feet end, to be able to watch the Weather Channel and the Food Network with us. With tornado warnings every other day in Oklahoma, half the time, it was on The Weather Channel!

Door to our room

When it comes to the Frontier Hotel here, all the doors were from the original office building. There was even a push button system once you open the door to have it locked from the outside, like a traditional hotel room, or always unlocked. Only setback would be the light from the hallway but truthfully, never once bothered us!

All in all, I highly recommend the Frontier for your stay in Pawhuska, OK. Super friendly and helpful staff and such a beautiful place. Also, VERY close to anything and everything you would ever come to Pawhuska to see. I actually booked 2 nights here, but due to a cancellation elsewhere, we only stayed one night. STAY TUNED to hear about our second night in Pawhuska, OK. You will NOT want to miss the next post!!! ❤

A special thanks and photo credit to Hubs of Food Observations.

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