The Boarding House

Lets talk about day 5 in Pawhuska OK, the day we get to stay at The Boarding House! For starters, they did call us the day before to make sure we had all the reservations we wanted, for P-Town and for the Merc, and to make sure everything was in order. They also called the day I made the reservation to make sure any special request could be met and make sure to answer any questions we had. Those two calls alone lead me to believe, this places is on its game with it comes to customer services. During the phone call, they said that they will simply call us when our room was ready, no need to wait for check-in time. About 2 in the afternoon, we got that call, we just so happened to be next door already! We left the shop we were in and go there as soon as we could!

Before we made it to the room, the front desk had for us the menus for the Merc and for P-Town. On one of the phone calls, I did mention I cannot have wine due to an allergy. They took the time to talk to the chefs from both of the establishments to clarify which menu items had wine within the dish. That was WAY above and beyond what we were expecting! But that was just the first few minutes of our visit! They escorted us to our room and pretty much gave the grand tour. Didn’t leave until we knew everything we need to know. Frig was stocked with sodas, no extra charge. The Pioneer Woman magazine on the coffee table was ours to keep, and the ducky in the bathroom was also ours to take home!

Every room has a rubber ducky!

The bathroom was SO stunning and almost the size of the main room! Basically, a his and hers bathroom built to perfection.

I’m kind of kicking myself for not taking a picture of the shower. You could walk in from both sides and it was so spacious, just like the rest of the room. I was so excited for this huge bathroom that I decided to take a bath that evening and a shower the next morning. Why not?!?!?! I wanted to experience it all! The bath really hit the spot! Plenty of hot water and the towels were perfect! LARGE enough for this mama! That is SUPER rare, lol. However, if I were to offer one down side to the room it would be the shower. It was a very low flow shower. So much so, I couldn’t wash my hair. (I have a lot of hair, flow of shower matters!) I felt like I had to do the Hokie Pokie for shower time, “Put your left arm in, take your left arm out, put your right arm in and you shake it all about!” But seriously, that bath was so amazing, it makes up for that! Next time I am there, I will just stick to the bath tub!

The Ranch Room

We stayed in the Ranch Room. To say it was stunning would be a miss on the correct word to describe it. One of my favorite features of this room was the fact that our ice bucket was already full of ice and they even refilled it during turn down service. By the way, we like ice, and it was the good ice! The kind you can chew, the kind you get at Sonic!

Very spacious room!

If you asked what hubs favorite feature was, I am sure he would say that couch! It was VERY comfortable and kiddo agreed! We didn’t even do the pull out bed from the couch, it was spacious enough without doing that. Not a single detail was missed in the making of this hotel!

Evening Reception Platter

Each evening, The Boarding House has an evening reception where you have the chance to meet the other folks staying there. They have a great spread for everyone as well as offering beer and wine! (Which I couldn’t have so they went out of their way to get me some sweet tea!) After the reception time, we then made our way to P-Town for dinner! Thats a whole new post for the future.

I guess I should wrap this up, already long! 😀 All I can say is that if you are lucky enough to get a booking at The Boarding House, I would take advantage of it in a heart beat. Worth every penny and the best service of any hotel I have ever stayed at!

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