Day 6?

After we got to Pawhuska and then we were done, does day 6, 7, and 8 even matter? We headed home! But before we left, I was on a mission! I had to see the “swinging bridge” in Pawhuska, OK. I read about it on several different resources and I knew it was something I simply had to see.

Hubs and I!

From what I understand, once upon a time, this bridge was the only way to get from one side of town to the other when the river waters were high.

Not quite at flood stage

While we were there, there was plenty of rain before us, and after. Even some there when we were there. Two days before arriving, there was a TUN of rain! But that water level was no where near the bridge level, so I am sure for this to be the only way into town for some, it would require a massive deluge! This bridge was actually in walking distance from the heart of Pawhuska. (Heart of Pawhuska would probably be the Merc.) We didn’t walk there though, we were on a mission to get to our next hotel at a reasonable time and it was quite humid! I don’t walk in heat like that!!!

Did Hubs go all the way across the bridge?

I believe this photo is misleading! Hubs did NOT go all the way! He didn’t go much further than this photo. Apparently swinging bridges are not his thing! Junior and I did make it all the way across though! Despite some of the wood planks looking a little “old” and degraded, we still managed the trek all the way across. Hubs waited for us on the side we started on. 🙂 Next time we visit Pawhuska, I will make sure Hubs makes it all the way across! I think his reservations were based off the swollen and muddy river below.

Breakfast fit for a queen!

I am that queen! Before we left Pahuska, we needed to hit the Merc for breakfast. We already were there for dinner the day we arrived, so it was only fitting to make sure we get a great breakfast before leaving. I had the Ranchers Benedict. Please do not quite me on the name of the dish though, I didn’t take a photo of the menu! This was basically a delightful eggs benedict, but instead of ham, it had steak! And after all, steak is my middle name! Goodness! It was more food then I could eat! Half way though, I removed the steak and ate it solo so I didn’t get too full from the english muffin. And yes, I removed the greens! No need to get that sort of stuff in the way of my red meat! That steak on there was cooked PERFECTLY! I have heard Red Drummond say more than once on her show that its a felony to over cook steak in Osage County and her establishment makes it quite clear that they will not overcook their steaks! It was like butter! It was PERFECT! (Not exaggerating there.) I would order this again, in a heartbeat!

And then there was day 7 and 8, drive days and nothing of particular importance to note! Except for the weather?

Headed into the storm

There was one storm we drove through that was intense! It was daylight, then practically NIGHT time darkness! The rain got so thick that I had to turn on the hazards on the car, just to have some extra visibility. There was even a moment, when passing a semi, a wall of water hit us like a brick wall! Visibility was gone for a handful of seconds and I felt like I was totally blinded! Thankfully, we made it out in one piece and made it to our destination with clear skies! That was pretty much the most eventful moment of our trip home!

Of course, I still have stuff to share when it comes to Pawhuska, OK! So stick around for more to come! ❤

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