99c/LB Project

Food Obs and I have been working on a brand new project! The 99c project. 99c/lb project that is. The goal? Can we make a divine meal from a meat product that is 99 cents per pound, or less in some cases. The truth is, not everyone can afford USDA prime at $5.99/LB or more! Any and every super market has great meat choices on sale every week. Once you had a simple Google search to the mix, you are sure to feed a large family for just a few dollars.

Chicken can always be found at a reasonable price point!

Now, I didn’t take a photo of the package, and this was not yesterday we made this, so I will do my best to remember details! If I recall correctly, the package came with 4 or so of these breast. The weight was perhaps close to 4/5 pounds making the entire package no more than $5. We only used one of the breast for dinner, family of 3, so the meat portion of our dinner was just about a dollar. The delightful price point was as it was because it was with the rib meat and bones. I am not gonna lie, I hate chicken on the bone! But once you add the meat to an Instant Pot then shred it after cooking, you can do just about anything with the meat and not worry about the bones!

Before its cooked.

Now, there are LOTS of things you can make with the shredded chicken! You can top a pizza with it, especially if you use BBQ sauce and bacon, Mmm! You can use the meat for lots and lots of Mexican food options too. Tacos, tamales, and the ever so popular in our household, enchiladas.

Enchilada Suiza

I make enchiladas three different ways. The enchilada suiza is Food Obs Jr.’s favorite way we make this dish. A fresh tomatillo salsa and lots and lots of melty cheese. At the end of the day… Everyone is happy!

The Finished Product!

Now, who wouldn’t want a taste of this?!?!?! At the end of the day, after making the salsa from scratch, this dinner fead the entire family for less than $5. How about that for feeding a family on a budget? Save the USDA prime for a special night, this will still make your taste buds dance with excitement.

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