Disney + for the WIN!

Yep, you read that right, Disney + is the shiz, the bomb, the hostess with the mostest. I have found my way watching at least one show a day so far, so I decided to make a 365 project out of it. What is a 365 project? A PAIN IN THE NECK! Done one before, as a photographer. Taken a photo a day for a full year with a theme. From day one with Disney +, November 12th, 2019, I am going to watch a show a day and report back to you, someone who may or may not be interested in Disney goodness.

The Mandalorian

1: Perhaps a given as a Star Wars fan, Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Chapter 1. Perhaps Disney is doing this right by releasing their flag ship show one episode at a time. I would have binged ALL 8 episodes over a one or two day period if they didn’t do that. Episode 1 was simply an introduction to the Mandalorian, who is clearly a bounty hunter. My son and I were very much into this and we are both looking forward to how the series will play out.

2: Star Wars: A New Hope. I am SO excited that Disney + has made almost ALL of the Star Wars episodes available to us with this streaming service. Did you read that right? Almost all? YEP! Not all are available. Not yet anyway. I believe what is not available, is viewable on Netflix. That will be important when it comes time to watch ALL the Star Wars sagas between December 1st and December 20th, when 9 will be in theaters!

3: Dumbo, The live action version. Cute enough! I enjoyed it.

Baby Yoda?!?!?!

4: Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Chapter 2. For those people who chose to get on board with the first 7 day free trial were rewarded with the second chapter of the Mandalorian. I really don’t want to give up much information, but all I can say is… BABY YODA!!!! OK, we know he isn’t Yoda and we know he is 50 years old, but how cute can a baby Yoda be?!?!?! Watch chapter 2 and you shall see!

5: Mickey Mouse in Steam Boat Willie, From 1928, the one that started it all! I couldn’t resist. Also, with traveling and being busy, all I really had time for was a short something. Which includes the next two days as well. Out of town and thank goodness for Disney + on mobil app! Otherwise, it would have been a short 365 project.

6: Mickey Mouse in The Band Concert, another fun one from MM himself.

7: Mickey Mouse in The Little Whirlwind, I figured with this day, November 18th being the birthday of Mickey Mouse, I would round off the week with another short. Also, 6 hours of driving that day makes for VERY little time for watching TV!

Stay tuned, once a week, if I maintain this, I will share even more shows that you may or may not know that Disney + has to share with you! For anyone who is interested, Disney + is free for the first 7 days. AND!!! If you have Verizon unlimited data, you can even get Disney + free for a year! Hurray! Happy Disney Watching!

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