Disney + 2/52

I know, it’s a 365, not a 52 week project. But I am not posting everyday! Just once a week with the 7 day rundown. SO! here we go, week 2 of Disney +!

This covers Dec 19th through the 26th.

8: Lady and the Tramp, live action. I love that Disney is bringing back some of the classics as live action. I enjoyed this one, but missed some of the original music. They kept some thought, He’s a Tramp, and This is the Night, at the Italian restaurant! Perhaps my favorite scene. Love who they casted for the babies aunt, perfect! Give it a try!

9: Wall-E. Who doesn’t love Wall-E?!?!?! This one was chosen by my son, and a perfect choice it was!

10: The Little Mermaid. The original one! ❤ Perfect as always. Perhaps too new to be a classic but will always be a classic to me.

11: The Mandalorian: Episode 3. The third episode of what I call the flagship show for Disney +. My son and I are seriously enjoying this series! If not for the free one year for having unlimited data with Verizon, I would be paying the per month subscription just to watch each and every episode the day they come out! BABY YODA!!!!

12: Muppets Christmas Carol. We all know this story and the Muppets franchise didn’t change much. A very nice rendition of the original from Charls Dickens. Some new songs and new charters, but the original love is all there. Making me feel perfectly ready for the Christmas season we are SO very close to! Almost Thanksgiving!!!!

13: Eight Below. First time I saw this was when we got our husky puppy so very many years ago. I was so happy to find this on Disney +. Highly recommend! Especially if you love stories about working dogs! The siberian husky bread is super special and I would probably go out and get one if I didn’t have one already! ❤

14: Olof’s Frozen Adventure. New songs and Olof is the star! Lots of music and yet another show to bring the Christmas spirt our way. I LOVE the outfit Queen Elsa wears in this. I think I could wear it as a party dress in my future. Like 50 pound lighter future, lol. Great focus on great gifts being our friends. Ya, good one for kids and anyone else!

Tune in next week to see what else the year has to offer with Disney +!

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