Week 3, Disney +

365 bound, week three and still going strong! But if I am being perfectly honest with you, this is much harder than I had expected. I found myself one day going to bed NOT watching anything Disney. SO, I had to watch two the next day. Don’t tell anyone! It will get easier as time goes on, I hope, lol.

Day 15: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Seriously though, who doesn’t love this Disney original?!?!?! If memory serves correctly, when this was released in movie theaters, it brought in a whopping $8 million! That was HUGE for that day and age when the average movie theater ticket was about a quarter!

16: Noelle, Such a cute Christmas movie for the season. I’d almost suggest it would be made for Hallmark if she ended up with a guy at the end. (oops, spoiler!) The movie ended up being very predictable as they gave hints all through the movie by time you get there, but still worth the time to watch.

17: Miracle On 34th Street, Yes, the original on Thanksgiving day. I felt this was appropriate and yes, this movie will always be a perfect Thanksgiving day movie to watch for years to come.

18: The Mandalorian: Episode 4, I will never get tired of watching baby Yoda! ❤

19: Float, Cute little short of a dad and his son.

20: Inside Out, Boy I love this movie. I highly recommend this to any parents out there, especially if they are going to be teenagers any time soon!

21: The Little Mermaid Live, To be perfectly honest with you, this one wasn’t anything like I was expecting. It’s a mashup of the original animation with a cast of live charters on a stage with an audience. All of the musical scenes are live but most everything else is the original animation. Queen Latifah as Ursula! Thats all I have left to say! Not sure I like how much some of the original songs were changed, but I guess thats normal when doing Disney live action these days.

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