6/52 Disney+/365

Happy New Year! YES, I am behind on blogging this project! But yes, I have been keeping up with all the goods that Disney+ has to offer, so here we go!

Day 36: The Force Awakens, Episode 7: My son and I continue to watch the Star Wars Saga leading to the release of The Rise of Skywalker. This movie is not known as one of the best Star Wars has to offer, but I love it all anyway.

37: The Mandalorian Episode 7: If you are not watching this and you enjoy the Star Wars universe, you should be watching this. This one ended up on one huge cliffhanger and I just wished episode 8 was available. I would have watched it right after if it were. At this point, in order of watching Star Wars leading to The Rise of Skywalker, we were suppose to watch #8, The Last Jedi, but at this time of watching, it was not on Disney+. I believe it is now!)

38: The Santa Clause 3: Now that our Star Wars Saga was over, it was time to get going on Christmas movies again! ❤ (Yes we did see The Rise of Skywalker on this day and we loved it!)

39: Snowglobe: What did I just watch? This movie had some nice comical moments and some great whimsical theme. But at one point, close to the end, it was all just so weird. Ended up finishing nicely, but a little clunky before getting there.

40: Home Alone: Ever so classic Christmas time!

41: The Christmas Star: Little slow, great Christmas feel, older movie.

42: Home Alone 2: Of course these movies are required to revisit for Christmas! Disney+ has a great holiday selection!

Thats it for this week. Gonna catch up on post soon! For now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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