9/52 Disney+

Day 57: Descendants: Coming of age, which is another name for “teenager” movie if I’ve ever seen one. Yet, I have a thing for Disney villains. This is about the villains descendants. Particularly the children of The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Jafar, and Cruella Deville. Not excited about the music, it’s all put together in a technical sort of way. But the development of charter was good overall.

58: Aladdin, 2019. This would be the day it was released on Disney+ so I had to give it a go. My son saw it in the theater and liked it, so I knew I had to watch it. Not bad, not great. I much prefer Robin Williams, may he rest in peace, over Will Smith. However, Smith wasn’t horrible. Just prefer the original!

59: Descendants 2: Yep, the sequel to the original. Same story different day.

60: The Last Jedi: The 8th movie in the Skywalker saga. As you know, I watched all of the movies a couple of weeks back, but couldn’t watch #8 because it was not yet on Disney+. But it is now! So I had to watch it again.

61: Ratatouille: Such a cute movie! For sure, one to watch for the foodie type people. Highly recommend.

62: Sleeping Beauty: One of the most amazing Disney classics. Any Disney project should require this one being featured.

63: Finding Nemo: Another awesome Disney flick! A do not miss.

PS! I found my numbers WAY OFF! Man, I need a better way of keeping track for the remainder of the 365 days. Perhaps make it all 366 with the leap year this year! Bring it ON! I corrected it all and hope to say on a better track now. 🙂

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