Behind but Watching!

Not even kidding! Life has moved on and little of that time has been dedicated to personal enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong! I love what I do! But life does get in the way at times.

Day 85: The Emperor’s New Groove: This has always been a fun one. Not much for the memorable music, but still a fun movie.

86: 101 Dalmatians: (Live Action) I didn’t know what to expect! Despite the changes, nicely done.

87: 101 Dalmatians: (Original) Still better than the live action! Always will be a classic.

88: The Aristocats: “You’re not a lady! You’re nothing but a sister!” Best line ever!

89: Cars: Always good and always fun.

90: Cars 2: More musings from “stickers” and Mater.

91: Cars 3: And yet some more, but with a twist! I actually enjoyed the twist at the end.

More to come, so very soon! ❤ Hope everyones winter is full of Disney Viewing!

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