Mac N Cheese. YUM!

Someone asked me recently what the ingredients were for making my mac n cheese. I typed out the list and hit send. It didn't take long for me to realize that if she just tossed together the list, she would get a soupy mess. SO! I decided to make another batch and take photos to... Continue Reading →

99c/LB Project

Food Obs and I have been working on a brand new project! The 99c project. 99c/lb project that is. The goal? Can we make a divine meal from a meat product that is 99 cents per pound, or less in some cases. The truth is, not everyone can afford USDA prime at $5.99/LB or more!... Continue Reading →


This is serious guys! I am ready to offer up a confession! Chicken Enchilada Suizas This amazing and delicious dish was created by someone else! I made it! And it's in my beautiful dish I purchased at Walmart made by Red Drummond, the Pioneer Woman! But the recipe is not my own. Never has be... Continue Reading →

From Scratch…

And delish! From Scratch Biscuits I have always loved biscuits and I enjoy making them! This past week was a bit of a challenge because the hubs was out of town for the entire week and I am NOT good when it comes to cook for two or for even coming up with a menu... Continue Reading →

Cinco de Mayo!

A day late, yes, but happy Cinco de Mayo! We had a great day, of course! Because we made the holiday happen in our kitchen! Yes, it is always nice to go out to celebrate, but hey, I just got home from my family visit, so I wanted to stay in. Margarita with chips and... Continue Reading →

When in Rome…

OK, I am not in Rome! But I am in Baltimore, Maryland! When in Baltimore, you do not go to a box store establishment! You go to a place that exist ONLY in that place! So tonight I went to Lee's Pint & Shell. Lee's Pint & Shell, Baltimore MD. To be perfectly honest, I... Continue Reading →

Make it a Habit!

Let me start off by saying I LOVE my mother-in-law! She is the epitome of everything kind and nice in this world. She is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I will say though, one of my biggest goals in life is to get her to laugh.... Continue Reading →

Dinner TONIGHT! <3

OH my goodness! Dinner tonight is the families new favorite! But before I talk TOO much about it, lets go over how exciting my days are! I start off my day with an alarm that goes off at 8:54AM, don't judge! I use to work the opening shift at a not so local Starbucks requiring... Continue Reading →

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