Home Sweet Home…

But I missed SO much on my long yet short trip. Baltimore Maryland has so much to offer! Lots of great and even some not so great. I've already posted about my favorite place to eat while in Baltimore, Chaps Pit Beef, feel free to look under food and you will find it! Now its... Continue Reading →

Still Hanging Out…

Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore, Maryland.

When in Rome…

OK, I am not in Rome! But I am in Baltimore, Maryland! When in Baltimore, you do not go to a box store establishment! You go to a place that exist ONLY in that place! So tonight I went to Lee's Pint & Shell. Lee's Pint & Shell, Baltimore MD. To be perfectly honest, I... Continue Reading →

Catalina Island Secret

Pro tip #1 when it comes to your visit to Avalon on Catalina Island. That is to call Buffalo Nickle and have them come pick you up in town! They offer a shuttle service because they are not located in town. Of course you can walk! But the walk really isn't recommended. Why walk when... Continue Reading →

The Trip of a Lifetime…

Pawhuska OK! When I think of a trip of a lifetime, I think of Europe, for sure a trip from Scotland to Italy and everything in between! However, that is not the trip we have planned for the latter half of May. This spring, we are going to the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma, Pawhuska... Continue Reading →

I Left my Heart in Avalon

If you were to ask me "Where is your favorite place on Earth?" I would have to tell you Catalina Island. I am not quite sure what visit I made there to decide that but it became obvious I had a love for the beautiful island when each and every time we had to leave,... Continue Reading →


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