San Diego to Pawhuska…

Day Two! So far, such a great trip! Day two brought us to Jerome and Sedona in Arizona. Jerome was by far one of the most unique stops I have ever been to. One moment you are on a curvy mountain road and the next minute you are in a little town on a steep... Continue Reading →


Pawhuska or Bust…

Day One! Day one of our trip to Pawhuska Oklahoma! So far, a fun time had by all. It took us no time at all to roll through Yuma, AZ. The only tough part of the trip so far was NOT being able to stop at the Cracker Barrel there, as I've never been through... Continue Reading →

Photography Class Project

Once upon a time, I went to Palomar College in hopes to learn how to build my business! During that time, I wanted to take a class that was dedicated to building a photography business and I knew that would be the right class for me. At this time, I was already a working photographer.... Continue Reading →

Dinner TONIGHT! <3

OH my goodness! Dinner tonight is the families new favorite! But before I talk TOO much about it, lets go over how exciting my days are! I start off my day with an alarm that goes off at 8:54AM, don't judge! I use to work the opening shift at a not so local Starbucks requiring... Continue Reading →

I play games!

I'm not sure I really want to admit this, but hey, this is real life confession right here, I play Pok√©mon Go! I have been playing from day one, actually day 5 or 6 to be perfectly honest, and I love it! I am level 40 and that's the highest level in the game. I've... Continue Reading →

My Happy Place…

OH La Jolla, my happy place indeed. I have to tell you, I remember this night like it was yesterday. It was beautiful January sunset. It had been a while sense I have ventured out to La Jolla for a shoot. I use to go all the time! Back in 2010 when I was working... Continue Reading →

Sunrise in Ramona

Ramona Duck Pond Once upon a time, I met a man! He lived in Ramona. I fell in love with him. Pretty much end of story. Well, not really! He had a desire to pursue photography as a hobby and I actually wanted nothing to do with it. But... I learned something with having an... Continue Reading →

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