Something about…

There is something about this tacky cactus glass for margaritas! Just safe to say that when you go to a mexican place that is beer and wine only, you just might be able to get this as well!!! Margarita in tacky glass When hubs told me that El Sombrero Restaurant in Gallup New Mexico was... Continue Reading →

So close, yet so far!

Day three today! Texas! It was suppose to be a very uneventful day of travel! However, the I40 had different plans for us. We did eventually make it to Texas, but only after an hour of stand still traffic 2 miles into Texas. We ended up driving through the median grass center of the freeway... Continue Reading →

Cinco de Mayo!

A day late, yes, but happy Cinco de Mayo! We had a great day, of course! Because we made the holiday happen in our kitchen! Yes, it is always nice to go out to celebrate, but hey, I just got home from my family visit, so I wanted to stay in. Margarita with chips and... Continue Reading →

Catalina Island Secret

Pro tip #1 when it comes to your visit to Avalon on Catalina Island. That is to call Buffalo Nickle and have them come pick you up in town! They offer a shuttle service because they are not located in town. Of course you can walk! But the walk really isn't recommended. Why walk when... Continue Reading →

North Italia – Fashion Valley

This. Dish. MMM! Seriously, who doesn't like to eat?! Food is one of the most essential functions we have! I LOVE to eat and my middle shows it. Enjoying food is one thing, requiring food is a whole different thing. We require food to survive! Might as well enjoy this requirement in life! Right? One... Continue Reading →

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