Day 6?

After we got to Pawhuska and then we were done, does day 6, 7, and 8 even matter? We headed home! But before we left, I was on a mission! I had to see the "swinging bridge" in Pawhuska, OK. I read about it on several different resources and I knew it was something I... Continue Reading →

The Boarding House

Lets talk about day 5 in Pawhuska OK, the day we get to stay at The Boarding House! For starters, they did call us the day before to make sure we had all the reservations we wanted, for P-Town and for the Merc, and to make sure everything was in order. They also called the... Continue Reading →

It’s TIME…

It's time to talk more about Pawhuska, OK! Day 5 of travel dropped us off at the Frontier Hotel, in the hart of Pawhuska, OK. The Triangle Building: Pawhuska OK. Regardless of destination, this place had a level of "stunning" all on its own! I am SO glad that the Pioneer Woman has created a... Continue Reading →


This is serious guys! I am ready to offer up a confession! Chicken Enchilada Suizas This amazing and delicious dish was created by someone else! I made it! And it's in my beautiful dish I purchased at Walmart made by Red Drummond, the Pioneer Woman! But the recipe is not my own. Never has be... Continue Reading →

Delay on Day Four?

So, we have already experienced day 4, 5, and 6. I think today is day 7? LOL You see, once we got to Pawhuska, all bests were off! The whole way there was go, go, go! Then, we could relax and enjoy! Which is exactly what we did, so I can no longer do a... Continue Reading →

Pawhuska or Bust…

Day One! Day one of our trip to Pawhuska Oklahoma! So far, a fun time had by all. It took us no time at all to roll through Yuma, AZ. The only tough part of the trip so far was NOT being able to stop at the Cracker Barrel there, as I've never been through... Continue Reading →

He Has Risen…

He has Risen INDEED! Today is resurrection Sunday! The tomb was empty, Jesus is ALIVE! Ramona, CA. Today is a reminder of life given to us through the death of Christ. But not just his death, but his resurrection! Praise God! Today is so easy to tie into Christmas, "For unto us, on this day,... Continue Reading →

15 Years…

And still going strong! Hubs and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary today! ❤ 15 Year Anniversary! Wanna know a secret? We have been married longer than 15 years! It was 15 years ago today, we stood up in front of our home church and did that whole "I Do" thing but the truth is,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts & Prayers

4 Generations This is life right here. Once upon a time, we had 4 generations under one roof, even for a short time while I visited my mom almost 25 years ago. That little cutie on my lap is my little Elizabeth who will be 25 years old in 11 days. Believe it or not,... Continue Reading →

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