From Scratch…

And delish!

From Scratch Biscuits

I have always loved biscuits and I enjoy making them! This past week was a bit of a challenge because the hubs was out of town for the entire week and I am NOT good when it comes to cook for two or for even coming up with a menu plan. Next thing I know, older son was home and wanted dinner with us! What ever will I do?!?!?! I just so happened to have a half pound of sausage in the freezer, lets do this! For starters, these biscuits are great to start with. I did make them a little different this time around. I made sure I didn’t over work the dough, simply cut out the rounds when it just came together. I also made them bigger and also put them next to echoer on the baking sheet to aid each other on rising up! They were so flaky, they barely stayed together for the sammiches!

Sausage and egg sammich

Long story short, everyone was happy at the end of the day. There was plenty of food for my boys who eat and eat and eat! I enjoyed the flavors and it all took minutes to make, after the biscuits came out of the oven anyway. 🙂 Farm fresh eggs there too! I have a friend who has a farm. I had to muck a few horse stalls for a flat. It wasn’t too difficult of work for the fresh eggs! ❤ Enjoy!

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