Behind but Watching!

Not even kidding! Life has moved on and little of that time has been dedicated to personal enjoyment. Don't get me wrong! I love what I do! But life does get in the way at times. Day 85: The Emperor's New Groove: This has always been a fun one. Not much for the memorable music,... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again

I just can't wait to get on the road again. 🎶 My view of the Mercantile from the Frontier. Well, actually... I have been on the road for 2 days now and I have 3 days left to go. The road trip of a lifetime, and doing it all solo. Once upon a time, as... Continue Reading →

12 Weeks, Late Post

Life is life. Ya, still going strong on watching Disney+ but I had VERY little access to computer time and internet time on my 2,700 mile road trip last week! Post to come on that later today. Day 78: Dianna: In Her Own Words: I wouldn't say I am obsessed with the British royal family,... Continue Reading →

11 Weeks, out of 52

Life is special, isn't it. I cannot even express how busy I have been. I am not even home this week. I am visiting family after the passing of my mom. Still doing my best to keep up with Disney 365 I have decided to do but also keep up with family events over the... Continue Reading →

10/52 Almost a fifth there!

Day 64: Finding Dory: Yet another Disney GREAT! 65: The Little Mermaid 2, Return to the Sea: Cute enough, which I think a lot about Disney content. Some movies have great sequels. Some movies, the sequel is OK. This falls in the OK range. 66: 10 Things I Hate About You: Teenage movie if I... Continue Reading →

9/52 Disney+

Day 57: Descendants: Coming of age, which is another name for "teenager" movie if I've ever seen one. Yet, I have a thing for Disney villains. This is about the villains descendants. Particularly the children of The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Jafar, and Cruella Deville. Not excited about the music, it's all put together in a... Continue Reading →


Still going strong! I may not be 100% on top of posting on the right day, but I am still watching daily, goodness, love Disney+! 50: Empire of Dreams: The story of of the Star Wars Trilogy: This is a delightful documentary of the first 6 movies. If you love Star Wars as I love... Continue Reading →

7/52 365 Days of Disney+

Day 43: I'll Be Home for Christmas: Continuing with the Christmas theme until the big day. Cute movie, for sure a movie for the younger crowd. At the end, everyone gives a feel good moment, classic Christmas. 44: 12 Dates of Christmas: I like this one. Again, feel good Christmas flick. I do recommend this... Continue Reading →

6/52 Disney+/365

Happy New Year! YES, I am behind on blogging this project! But yes, I have been keeping up with all the goods that Disney+ has to offer, so here we go! Day 36: The Force Awakens, Episode 7: My son and I continue to watch the Star Wars Saga leading to the release of The... Continue Reading →

Week 5! Disney + 365

Here we go! Another week in the books! ❤ Day 29: The Santa Clause 2 SO! In case you were wondering, it was time to watch Star Wars: Solo but I couldn't add it to my Disney+ 365 because Solo is not yet on Disney+. WHAT?!?!?! Two of the Star Wars movies are not there... Continue Reading →

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