Week 4, 365 of Disney +

Oh my goodness, I am a week behind, lets get this going. I have been diligent on watching Disney + but not as diligent with posting. Partly because I have had the most amazing couple of days on Catalina Island. Gonna have to share photos of that another day! Day 22: Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted S1:E1... Continue Reading →

Week 3, Disney +

365 bound, week three and still going strong! But if I am being perfectly honest with you, this is much harder than I had expected. I found myself one day going to bed NOT watching anything Disney. SO, I had to watch two the next day. Don't tell anyone! It will get easier as time... Continue Reading →

Disney + 2/52

I know, it's a 365, not a 52 week project. But I am not posting everyday! Just once a week with the 7 day rundown. SO! here we go, week 2 of Disney +! This covers Dec 19th through the 26th. 8: Lady and the Tramp, live action. I love that Disney is bringing back... Continue Reading →

Disney + for the WIN!

Yep, you read that right, Disney + is the shiz, the bomb, the hostess with the mostest. I have found my way watching at least one show a day so far, so I decided to make a 365 project out of it. What is a 365 project? A PAIN IN THE NECK! Done one before,... Continue Reading →

Mac N Cheese. YUM!

Someone asked me recently what the ingredients were for making my mac n cheese. I typed out the list and hit send. It didn't take long for me to realize that if she just tossed together the list, she would get a soupy mess. SO! I decided to make another batch and take photos to... Continue Reading →

Bucket List. CHECK!

Ree Drummond is just as beautiful in person! One item on my bucket list was to meet Red Drummond. There was to be a book signing within a 3 hour drive from San Diego. I didn't get on the bandwagon quick enough and before I knew it, tickets were sold out. Yes, I was disappointed,... Continue Reading →

99c/LB Project

Food Obs and I have been working on a brand new project! The 99c project. 99c/lb project that is. The goal? Can we make a divine meal from a meat product that is 99 cents per pound, or less in some cases. The truth is, not everyone can afford USDA prime at $5.99/LB or more!... Continue Reading →

Day 6?

After we got to Pawhuska and then we were done, does day 6, 7, and 8 even matter? We headed home! But before we left, I was on a mission! I had to see the "swinging bridge" in Pawhuska, OK. I read about it on several different resources and I knew it was something I... Continue Reading →

The Boarding House

Lets talk about day 5 in Pawhuska OK, the day we get to stay at The Boarding House! For starters, they did call us the day before to make sure we had all the reservations we wanted, for P-Town and for the Merc, and to make sure everything was in order. They also called the... Continue Reading →

It’s TIME…

It's time to talk more about Pawhuska, OK! Day 5 of travel dropped us off at the Frontier Hotel, in the hart of Pawhuska, OK. The Triangle Building: Pawhuska OK. Regardless of destination, this place had a level of "stunning" all on its own! I am SO glad that the Pioneer Woman has created a... Continue Reading →


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