From the Beginning…

La Jolla Shores I didn't always have my sites on being a photographer. Hubs loved exploring photography as a hobbyist while I watched him play around with new gear. I thought it would be fun, I had an interest as a kid, but never though much past that. Then one day hubs wanted to upgrade... Continue Reading →

He Has Risen…

He has Risen INDEED! Today is resurrection Sunday! The tomb was empty, Jesus is ALIVE! Ramona, CA. Today is a reminder of life given to us through the death of Christ. But not just his death, but his resurrection! Praise God! Today is so easy to tie into Christmas, "For unto us, on this day,... Continue Reading →

Photography Class Project

Once upon a time, I went to Palomar College in hopes to learn how to build my business! During that time, I wanted to take a class that was dedicated to building a photography business and I knew that would be the right class for me. At this time, I was already a working photographer.... Continue Reading →

My Happy Place…

OH La Jolla, my happy place indeed. I have to tell you, I remember this night like it was yesterday. It was beautiful January sunset. It had been a while sense I have ventured out to La Jolla for a shoot. I use to go all the time! Back in 2010 when I was working... Continue Reading →

Sunrise in Ramona

Ramona Duck Pond Once upon a time, I met a man! He lived in Ramona. I fell in love with him. Pretty much end of story. Well, not really! He had a desire to pursue photography as a hobby and I actually wanted nothing to do with it. But... I learned something with having an... Continue Reading →

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