Something about…

There is something about this tacky cactus glass for margaritas! Just safe to say that when you go to a mexican place that is beer and wine only, you just might be able to get this as well!!! Margarita in tacky glass When hubs told me that El Sombrero Restaurant in Gallup New Mexico was... Continue Reading →


He Has Risen…

He has Risen INDEED! Today is resurrection Sunday! The tomb was empty, Jesus is ALIVE! Ramona, CA. Today is a reminder of life given to us through the death of Christ. But not just his death, but his resurrection! Praise God! Today is so easy to tie into Christmas, "For unto us, on this day,... Continue Reading →

15 Years…

And still going strong! Hubs and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary today! ❤ 15 Year Anniversary! Wanna know a secret? We have been married longer than 15 years! It was 15 years ago today, we stood up in front of our home church and did that whole "I Do" thing but the truth is,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts & Prayers

4 Generations This is life right here. Once upon a time, we had 4 generations under one roof, even for a short time while I visited my mom almost 25 years ago. That little cutie on my lap is my little Elizabeth who will be 25 years old in 11 days. Believe it or not,... Continue Reading →

I play games!

I'm not sure I really want to admit this, but hey, this is real life confession right here, I play Pokémon Go! I have been playing from day one, actually day 5 or 6 to be perfectly honest, and I love it! I am level 40 and that's the highest level in the game. I've... Continue Reading →

BIG Project in the Works

Live is funny sometimes. When I met Hubs, he was a single man who had his own house. Within that house had a kitchen full of dishes, beautiful ones. But no matter how beautiful they were, he didn't pick them out by himself. Safe to say, there was a woman involved with that. That didn't... Continue Reading →

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