9/52 Disney+

Day 57: Descendants: Coming of age, which is another name for "teenager" movie if I've ever seen one. Yet, I have a thing for Disney villains. This is about the villains descendants. Particularly the children of The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Jafar, and Cruella Deville. Not excited about the music, it's all put together in a... Continue Reading →


Still going strong! I may not be 100% on top of posting on the right day, but I am still watching daily, goodness, love Disney+! 50: Empire of Dreams: The story of of the Star Wars Trilogy: This is a delightful documentary of the first 6 movies. If you love Star Wars as I love... Continue Reading →

7/52 365 Days of Disney+

Day 43: I'll Be Home for Christmas: Continuing with the Christmas theme until the big day. Cute movie, for sure a movie for the younger crowd. At the end, everyone gives a feel good moment, classic Christmas. 44: 12 Dates of Christmas: I like this one. Again, feel good Christmas flick. I do recommend this... Continue Reading →

6/52 Disney+/365

Happy New Year! YES, I am behind on blogging this project! But yes, I have been keeping up with all the goods that Disney+ has to offer, so here we go! Day 36: The Force Awakens, Episode 7: My son and I continue to watch the Star Wars Saga leading to the release of The... Continue Reading →

Week 5! Disney + 365

Here we go! Another week in the books! ❤ Day 29: The Santa Clause 2 SO! In case you were wondering, it was time to watch Star Wars: Solo but I couldn't add it to my Disney+ 365 because Solo is not yet on Disney+. WHAT?!?!?! Two of the Star Wars movies are not there... Continue Reading →

Week 4, 365 of Disney +

Oh my goodness, I am a week behind, lets get this going. I have been diligent on watching Disney + but not as diligent with posting. Partly because I have had the most amazing couple of days on Catalina Island. Gonna have to share photos of that another day! Day 22: Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted S1:E1... Continue Reading →

Week 3, Disney +

365 bound, week three and still going strong! But if I am being perfectly honest with you, this is much harder than I had expected. I found myself one day going to bed NOT watching anything Disney. SO, I had to watch two the next day. Don't tell anyone! It will get easier as time... Continue Reading →

Disney + 2/52

I know, it's a 365, not a 52 week project. But I am not posting everyday! Just once a week with the 7 day rundown. SO! here we go, week 2 of Disney +! This covers Dec 19th through the 26th. 8: Lady and the Tramp, live action. I love that Disney is bringing back... Continue Reading →

Disney + for the WIN!

Yep, you read that right, Disney + is the shiz, the bomb, the hostess with the mostest. I have found my way watching at least one show a day so far, so I decided to make a 365 project out of it. What is a 365 project? A PAIN IN THE NECK! Done one before,... Continue Reading →


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