He Has Risen…

He has Risen INDEED! Today is resurrection Sunday! The tomb was empty, Jesus is ALIVE!

Ramona, CA.

Today is a reminder of life given to us through the death of Christ. But not just his death, but his resurrection! Praise God! Today is so easy to tie into Christmas, “For unto us, on this day, a savior is born, which is Christ the Lord.” They are all connected, we cannot have one without the other. Jesus is not the little baby born in a stable and stayed there. He had to be more than that to the world! He grew to be a man who walked and talked the perfect life. Just so that he could be the sacrificial lamb for us. Meanwhile, to the rest:

To be perfectly honest, we are SO done with dying easter eggs! Our little is now almost 14 years old and he just doesn’t care much for the traditions for the kiddos! Which is ok by me. My oldest kiddo is 25 years old which means for 24 years I have been doing the traditions of my childhood! It’s really awesome to look at holidays from the eyes of an older kiddo/adult! Excited for each and every milestone between here and forever! ❤

Happy Ester to EVERYONE!

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